The Salone del Risparmio since 2010

Il Salone del Risparmio is the largest event in the investment management industry in Italy.


The Salone offers to investment professionals, financial advisors and media players

  • a common platform to share experiences and new ideas and  establish new partnerships,
  • hundreds of conferences and seminars to leverage their know-how and keep abreast of strategic, market and regulatory trends
  • a window on investment opportunities, new products and investment techniques that will shape the world in the years ahead.



2017 Edition – The leading theme


Chasing growth. Wealth, investments and public policies. 


When wealth is profitably invested and tax and monetary policies join forces to foster growth, our economy can achieve its full potential.

Growth must be supported by concrete and sustainable policies for the real economy.
The manufacturing base and the infrastructures of the country must be able to rely on bold reforms and a mix of financing solutions beyond traditional banking.

The investment industry is best placed to serve the country in this respect and, with more than 2.000 billion euro under management – it affirms with pride its ability to contribute to the structural growth of the Italian economy.